Dear Adventure Racer

It is with heartfelt regret that WCAD will be taking a short break from the staging of Adventure Races in the first part of 2015. Unfortunately we have not been able to secure any sponsorships for the 2015 summer season which makes it difficult to create races that are financially feasible.

WCAD has been a passion project for all of us over the past 4 years and we do love staging epic adventures for all of you but it is also all-consuming on top of our regular jobs and then having to dedicate the majority of available weekends to scouting potential new areas and venues for each event. For this reason, we think a short break might do us well after which we will be back, bigger and better and with renewed vigor and energy to get out there and help you explore the Cape Mountains.

If you are an avid and regular WCAD adventure racer then don’t despair (too much). There will still be some ‘less official’ AR events taking place in the Cape in coming months. They will be more like organized training AR’s and will have no formal connection to WCAD. This sporadic series of ‘races’ will be known IncognitoAR. More info HERE. Sign up to IncognitoAR mailing list HERE for info.

Hope to see you in the mountains soon!


The WCAD Crew